About the Artist: David Peikon

Solo Exhibition~ Sept. 17, 2016 through Oct. 2, 2016
Jeanie Tengelson Gallery, Art League of Long Island

What is Neuroplasticity and what does it have to do with art?

It is the brain's ability to adapt and change, to form new neural circuits in response to stimuli. Whether as a means of survival, or towards enlightenment, or a combination of both, our brains are constantly absorbing and sifting through mountains of data and striving to make sense of it all. Repeated exposure and/or focused training is the basis for hard wiring some of the circuits in our brains that allow us to get through life. Learning to walk, talk, tie our shoes, throw a ball, or paint a picture are all dependent on the brain's ability to create highways that speed up the process of thinking. Practice makes us fluent, then intuitive, and if we are lucky there will be flashes of new insight. In the 20 years that I have been painting full time, I have spent more than 40,000 hours at the easel, and thousands of hours more thinking about art, looking at art, and teaching others to make art. The emotional, physical, and financial struggle of 20 years has also rewired my brain in significant ways, and all combined I am not the same person who started out in 1996 to pursue this dream. I see the world differently now, and for the past 2 years I have painted it differently, left handed instead of right, an adaptation to injury that began my thinking in earnest about neuroplasticity. Some things that have not changed throughout: my desire to bring beauty to the world, to do some good for others, to find peace. The degree to which I have succeeded is up to you the viewer to decide.

We are pleased to have Chubb and Hub International NE as corporate sponsors of this event. See the Events page for details.


Older And Wiser
20" x 20"